Horsebox Fixes For Inspection And Upgrades

A horsebox fix can be a minor or major repair, or a modification or alteration of some kind. Perhaps you need to get an inspection before MOT so that you can ensure that everything is working properly on your vehicle. Or, maybe you're wanting to pull in for a quote on a few upgrades you've been thinking about.

Some people might not be able to get their horsebox to the repair shop for the horsebox fix, or at their convenience, they would rather have a repairman come out to their home. This is possible with some of the horsebox repair businesses, and of course this saves you time and the cost of travel.

With some repairs, welding and other services might have to be performed. Remember how the repairman can come out to your home? They can also come out to your home to do the inspection that is required for your horsebox.

Do you need electrical or body work done on your horse trailer? Whether you need a simple lamp installed or the whole lighting system rewired, an electrician from the horsebox repair shop can take care of that for you.

These horsebox repair shops can help you if you're in the market to buy a horsebox trailer as well. They can also go with you to do an inspection on any horsebox you are planning to purchase.

Horsebox repairs

Some inspection notes so that you know are for instance, your tachograph must be sealed and calibrated and the plating certificate must be visible in the cab of the horsebox. Check your headlights, make sure all your reflectors are in place, ensure proper tire pressure and tread, get rid of corrosion and have the speedometer to where it lights up. Those are five more quick tips for the inspection, and now it's time to get your horsebox checked for any maintenance issues and to see if you'd like to add some amenities for the horses.

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